We are excited to announce our Telehealth service.

If you need to discuss your results or you would prefer not to bring the kids with you to attend the surgery, telehealth may be your solution. 

You can now have a telehealth consultation with your doctor, at your convenience in your own home. All you need is an internet connected mobile, tablet or a computer with a webcam. 

We can send your escripts, pathology,  or imaging referrals to provider near you.

Some appointments are best to be done face to face. For example, if you have hurt your shoulder, your doctor will need to examine your shoulder to determine how best to manage it.

Telehealth appointments are charged privately as per our normal fees. However, in order for you to receive a Medicare rebate, you need to have been in the practice for a  face to face consultation with one of our GPs in the last 12 months. 

You can book an appointment online, and simply choose the telehealth option. Alternatively you can call (08) 9535 1166 to book. .