Diabetic Clinic

Diabetes is a chronic disease whereby the body is unable to adequately control the sugar levels. This can lead to severe complications particularly of the kidney, eyes, nerves, heart and strokes. The common types of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes which typically occurs later in life and is treated with lifestyle changes and medication. It is often a progressive disease and there may be a need to take insulin. Typically it presents insidiously. Type 1 diabetes typically starts in childhood and is always treated with insulin. It is a disease of rapid onset and in many cases fatal if not treated. There are many potential complications, which can be reduced by having optimal control of one’s sugar levels. The management of diabetes will require a multidisciplinary approach and your doctor assess your needs and coordinate the appropriate organisations and specialists. Other health professionals involved could be a diabetic nurse, a dietician, a podiatrist, an eye specialist and sometimes a diabetic specialist. If you have any concerns you might be diabetic, make an appointment with us today on (08) 9535 1166 or book online with your doctor