Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic conditions accounted for around 9 in every 10 deaths in Australia in 2015. Often more than 1 disease is associated with a death and 3 diseases in one person is the average. About 20% of deaths have 5 or more associated diseases.

Chronic conditions can range from relatively minor conditions (e.g. short sightedness and minor hearing loss) to debilitating and restrictive complaints (e.g. osteoarthritis) to potentially life-threatening illnesses (e.g. cancer and coronary heart disease). Chronic disease involves multiple risk factors, complex causes, a long latency period, a prolonged period of illness, often resulting in functional impairment or disability. Easily recognisable contributory factors include, smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol intake and lack of physical activity.


Population ageing and improved treatments have also contributed to people living longer with chronic conditions. Once established, these conditions may never completely resolve, requiring on-going healthcare management. Having a regular GP to provide quality continuity of care has been shown to reduce the risk of complications from chronic disease and also will reduce hospital referrals and admission rates. At Murray Medical we strongly recommend patients have a nominated primary GP who will coordinate your care, along with our expert in-house Practice nurses and other allied health professionals. Please speak with your doctor or one of our nursing team about individualised care planning: contact our reception today to make an appointment or book online with your doctor.