5 Questions For Your Doctor

5 Questions For Your Doctor


The Murray Medical Group of Doctors have unanimously supported the “Choosing Wisely Australia” initiative.

Choosing Wisely Australia is an action that brings the community together to improve the quality of healthcare through considering tests, treatments, and procedures where evidence shows they provide no benefit or, in some cases, lead to harm.

Choosing Wisely Australia challenges the way we think about healthcare, questioning the notion ‘more is always better.

It’s about starting a conversation about what care is really needed-identifying which practices are helpful and which are not.

With the complexity of tests, treatments, and procedures available to modern medicine, the challenge is that not all add value. Some are rendered redundant as others take their place.

Unnecessary practices are a diversion away from effective care.

They often lead to more frequent and invasive investigations that can expose our patients to undue risk of harm, emotional stress, or financial cost.

So here are FIVE questions to ask the next time you see your Doctor!

  1. Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure?
  2. What are the risks?
  3. Are there simpler, safer options?
  4. What happens if I don’t do anything?
  5. What are the costs?

Choosing Wisely:5 Questions to ask your doctor

Dr Frank R Jones


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