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Bulk billing is available for children under 16 and certain concession card holders for non-specialist services

Murray Medical Centre provides medical consultations both by appointment and by walk-in.
We will endeavour to make the appointment with your preferred doctor at a time that suits you. Alternatively, should your doctor not be available, we will offer you an option to see one of our other specialist GPs.

Our practice operates on an appointment system but urgent / emergency cases will always be seen as a priority.
The standard appointment time is 15 minutes, with a long appointment time of 30 minutes*.

When booking your appointment we ask you to consider what items or issues need to be discussed with your doctor.
To assist us in minimising waiting times for fellow patients, please ensure you book an appointment of an adequate length.

Please book an individual appointment for each family member that needs to be seen. This will help the doctor keep to time and give each individual the time they deserve rather than being rushed.


$3850 Payment
    $1695 Medicare rebate


$7800 Payment
    $3705 Medicare rebate


$14200 Payment
    $7170 Medicare rebate


$22000 Payment
    $10555 Medicare rebate
*Consultant length is a guide only, your health professional will determine what is best suited for your needs and all billing is at doctors discretion.